Kinetic 6 fitness changed my life

Six months later I’m down 4 sizes, lost over 40 inches and gained muscle in places I didn’t know I had!!
— Kate Neilson
This is what I wanted working out to be like! I wanted to have accountability, I wanted to try new things and meet new people, and most importantly I didn’t want to injury my body.
— Lindsay Ransom
After my first class I was hooked. Seth (owner) is amazing at what he does. He made me feel part of the group, motivated and excited me about getting back into shape.
— Aaron Houtman

Our Team


Seth Grabo

Seth is the owner of Kinetic 6 Fitness. While developing his fitness systems, he lost 70 lbs, recovered from a seizure disorder, and healed from depression. Since then, he's helped hundreds of people, just like you, reclaim their lives through injury prevention, post-rehab care, and weight loss. Most clients report that the secret to the program is that it is fun and addictive — they feel at home right away.


Savannah Jureczki

My name is Savannah. I’m a mother of 2 boys and fitness and nutrition are my passion. I’ve been diabetic since I was 10, and have struggled most of my life with weight. I began training at Kinetic 6 Fitness and I lost 60 pounds and was able to do it in a healthy, fun, and balanced way. I became the most passionate about nutrition.


Teagan Callaway

I am very excited to be a part of your fitness journey! I aspire to significantly impact the lives of all the fantastic people I work with by making fitness a lifelong habit and preventing—or rehabilitating—injury. I believe the best way to achieve this goal is to provide a well-designed exercise plan which emphasized form, continuous improvement, and knowledge rooted in scientific facts. 


Christy Talamo

My love affair with movement began as a dancer at a very young age where I was groomed and trained on perfect technique.  My goal in life is to help as many people as possible reach their health, fitness, and well-being benchmarks in order to become the best versions of themselves!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Will I Survive The Workouts?

Absolutely! We have people join us from all different fitness levels. You'll receive a professional movement screen from Seth, a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist. He'll provide custom modifications if needed to keep you safe and set you up for success. Seth developed this program with a team of Sports Doctors for the purpose of providing post-rehab care to injured athletes. Safety is our core competency.

 What are your prices?

We are proud to offer state-of-the art amenities like the MyZone Fitness training system, the InBody body-composition tests, great mobile aps for tracking your progress, small-class sizes (lots of individual attention), world-class coaching, consultations, unlimited monthly classes, done-for-you meal plans, shopping list, daily inspirational content, injury screenings with doctors, workshops, support groups, all for as little as $197 per month (for a limited time).

 When are they? How often should I attend?

M,W- 5:30, 6:15, 7 AM and 4:30, 5:30, 6:30 PM
T,Th- 5:30 and 6:30 PM
F- 5:30, 6:15, 7 AM and 4:45, 5:45 PM
S- 8, 8:45, and 10 AM

The ideal schedule is: Lower-Body on Mon, Core on Wed. Upper-Body on Friday, and Whole-Body on Sat. Start with two or three, gradually increasing workload from week-to-week.

 How much weight should I expect to lose?

Clients who stick to the meal plan and attend the classes have lost as much as 14 lbs in as little as three weeks! If you "follow the dang instructions," and weight loss is a goal, you will lose fat every week until you reach your goal. Results depend almost entirely on your adherence to the meal plan (it's actually pretty easy. It's not a "diet" and you won't feel hungry).

 What if I don't want to lose weight?

That's great! We can tweak every variable from sets, reps, resistance, calories in / calories out, macros, sleep, hydration, etc. in order to accomplish YOUR specific goals. Clients who work with us report being in the best shape of their lives. It's hard to overstate the benefits of being VERY fit. You have to experience it to believe it!

 How can I get ahold of you?

You can call or text Seth at  206.538.8726. Email him at Call or text Savannah at  206.839.6107. Email her at But the very best way is to fill out the webform found at the bottom of this page.

 Where are classes held?

Classes are held in lower Queen Anne: 513 1st Ave W STE B, 98119. We're just two blocks from the Seattle Center. You know the best part? Parking is surprisingly easy!

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