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  • Kate Neilson, Kinetic 6 Fitness Testimonials

    "Six months later I’m down 4 sizes, lost over 40 inches and gained muscle in places I didn’t know I had!!"

    Kate Neilson
  • Heather F., Kinetic 6 Fitness Testimonials

    If you're perusing around Yelp right now trying to find a gym in Lower Queen Anne, pleaseee pay attention to this. That's what I was doing about a year ago when I came across this Yelp page and considered coming in. Then, I figured out that it was group training, and it intimidated me because I thought just showing up to check things out unannounced would be weird. It's not. It's not weird. You should come.

    I ended up joining a *non-weird* gym that I basically never went to. I wouldn't say it was a waste of time and money, but I would say that I wish I would have taken the plunge with K6 that first time around. Instead, I waited until I was fed up and finally contacted Seth and I've been coming here for about six weeks now.

    This is kind of dramatic, but Kinetic 6 is like foolproof almost. If you have trouble making it to the gym, you're covered; Seth and the other trainers are super personable and fun and all the members are cool too. They've created an environment you actually want to be in. This evening I went to leave work and my car wouldn't start and I had to get it towed to the dealership and my first thought was that I was going to miss my class. THAT was my concern.

    If you have trouble working once you're at the gym: also not a problem. Between the trainers, the music, and the fast-paced nature of the classes, it's a very high-energy atmosphere that will inevitably push you to get stronger. You're gonna sweat your butt off, but the best part is that everyone else is too. You're all just gonna high-five about it and keep going.

    The classes are only 45 minutes and they go by super fast, which makes it really easy to stay committed to going consistently. Everyone is busy; but if 45 minutes of your day is all it takes to stay strong, feeling good, and improve your social life along the way... that is a lot of bang for your buck if you ask me!

    The energy and atmosphere that comes with K6 is my favorite part, but that really is only one aspect of it. Seth is so knowledgeable about fitness and has a really unique way of seeing and explaining the way our bodies work in terms of our muscle groups, movement, etc. He is truly passionate about fitness, wants to educate, and dedicates his life to making sure he can help anyone that will let him. With or without joining his gym, he is most certainly a life-enhancer!

    Even employing the unique use of technology to help track progress, Kinetic6 is committed to giving its members the all-around best experience possible. You honestly can't go wrong here. If you're looking for a super simple, keep-to-yourself type gym, this is definitely not what you want. But if you're looking for anything but that- you've found it :)

    P.S. They should brag about this more, because I'm getting married in June and I had no idea, but they were featured in Brides Magazine as one of the top places in the nation to get in shape for your wedding! Which is obviously awesome and should send a great sign to anyone that's lucky enough to live nearby!

    Heather F.
  • Courtney Weaver, Kinetic 6 Fitness Testimonials

    I was introduced to K6 (Kinetic 6) through a friend in late spring of this year. As a previous collegiate athlete, now almost 10 years out of college,I have had a hard time finding a workout routine that compares to my previous regimen. I struggled with finding a routine that provided me both strength and endurance. I became "a runner" for one year and that hurt my joints. So then I became an indoor cyclist for the next year. That became a little monotonous. Sure these things helped me maintain my weight but I didn't feel strong. I couldn't do a push up or lift any amount of weight really that well.

    In late mid May, at my heaviest weight and lowest self esteem, I decided to join a friend in class at K6. The first class was heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest and my muscles burned. But after that first 45 minute HIIT workout, I was hooked. I had never done anything like it. After class was over, I wanted to do it again the next day, to get stronger, to be better. I started with the 28-day challenge. I was motivated to change my life.

    It was an incredible feeling! Now almost 6 months later, I have experienced a life change! 20 pounds lighter, with a better attitude about exercise and nutrition, with more energy, and motivation to continue to keep working hard to get stronger! I can do a "perfect push up" now too!

    The K6 team is a family! We motivate and inspire one another. We hold each other accountable. Most of this is attributed to the environment Seth Grabo, owner and operator, has created. You walk into the studio and are immediately greeted with a loud and genuine "hello! How are you". Seth is committed to improvements of the program, to our journey in fitness, to our morale, and connecting with each and every one of our stories.

    I'm so glad I found K6 and have created a healthier lifestyle. I am forever grateful that I took a chance and tagged along with my friend that day!

    If you're looking for a lifestyle change, a new fitness routine, or just some new friends, come check out a class!! You won't regret it!

    Courtney Weaver
  • Aaron Houtman, Kinetic 6 Fitness Testimonials

    I wasn't going to review K6 because I wanted to keep it selfishly to myself and not share, but sharing is caring. I started K6 2 years ago. I was 250lbs, out of shape and very self conscious about my weight. I had exercised most of my life but my schedule got busy and my exercise time took a seat on the back burner. I was in desperate need of some reconditioning. After my first class I was hooked. Seth (owner) is amazing at what he does. He made me feel part of the group, motivated and excited me about getting back into shape. My results were unbelievably fast. I do three 45 minute classes a week, that is it! Best of all I have had zero injuries. Whether you are out of shape and scared to get out there or if you are a crossfit person who is tired of tearing their body up, Kinetic 6 Fitness is for you.

    I have shed all the extra weight I had be carrying around and feel free as a bird. I couldn't be more happy with my results. I have the body that I always wanted and I feel fantastic. Don't hesitate to get your life back on track. Take your health into your own hands with help from K6.

    Aaron Houtman
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  • Nicole Rudich, Kinetic 6 Fitness Testimonials

    Kinetic 6 has changed my life in so many positive ways! For the first time in a very long time I enjoy working out and I'm seeing unbelievable results. I joined in March, while still recovering from a broken leg. They modified any exercise that I couldn't handle and helped me finish healing and build up strength without further pain or injury. Recently, I completed the 28 day challenge and it was transformative! In just a month I lost over 10 inches (and 10 pounds!), my cholesterol and blood pressure went down, and I'm feeling better than ever. Last but not least, all the other K6-ers are really wonderful. It's such a positive, supportive environment to work out in. 5 stars are definitely not enough!

    Nicole Rudich
  • Lindsay Ransom, Kinetic 6 Fitness Testimonials

    I haven't felt this pumped and committed to my health in a LONG time. I found Kinetic 6 through a classic Yelp search (such as yourself). I originally thought I just wanted a basic gym- some place to get in and get out and have it be done. After reading a few reviews here and perusing the website I had a change of heart. I've done the basic gym (the 24 Hour Fitness, the Anytime Fitness, the Snap Fitness) and they didn't work. Whether it was before work or after work or crowded or not. It was just boring and a chore and I hated it. But that's just working out. We just all hate working out, right?

    Then I thought "Maybe I'm not a get in and get out kinda girl...maybe I should try something different."

    I reached out to Seth and scheduled a time for me to stop by and see what Kinetic 6 was all about and instantly feel in love. This is what I wanted working out to be like! I wanted to have accountability, I wanted to try new things and meet new people, and most importantly I didn't want to injury a body that hasn't done jack shit besides the one off kickball (drinking) league in four years.

    You can tell Seth (owner) cares so much about everyone at his gym. He's done a great job at cultivating an environment that is a reflection of the positivity and life long health goals that he preaches. He and his wife are an excellent team and great resource.

    If you're on the fence or not sure Group Training is something you want- take a look at your workout history. How well is that basic gym working for you? If you're like me, it might be time to switch it up...

    Lindsay Ransom


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