That's my picture in the thumbnail above.

I feel real stupid about it. But all the YouTube tutorials say to make one like that if you want people to watch a video where they learn how to burn fat.

Gosh ... I wish someone would've told me these five things when I started my weight loss journey four years ago. I had to figure it out on the go. I especially wish I knew secret number four earlier. That is the one that really changed my whole world view.

Hard to believe only a few years ago I looked like this:

I was a sad, miserable, drunk with a hunch back, knee pain, low-back pain, no energy, and a seizure disorder. What's worse is I had a one-year-old son and a partner who I couldn't truly be there for.

I lost all that weight using the five things I mentioned in the video, plus systems I developed with a bunch of sports doctors. These are the very same systems I use now at Kinetic 6 Fitness to help our clients lose weight, firm and tone, and feel good about themselves again.

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