How to Have The Ideal Body -- Part One: Lifestyle

Spoiler alert -- you already have the ideal body! Your happiness shouldn't be tied to your body image. Your body is perfect just the way it is!

But if you want to look and feel healthy and vibrant, and you want to be there for the people who love you, you've got to exercise. Not only should you exercise, but you've got to workout consistently and persistently over time if you want to make a meaningful difference to your body metrics.

So this talk is all about that: starting and sticking with a workout routine.

Here's what you need to know to stick with your routine:

      Understand that energy (movement) is all the universe really is. And you are an irreducible part of the universe. It is in your nature to move -- you come from a long line of people that are endowed with a reward system for exercise. If you exercise, chances are you'll be better at whatever you do and live in abundance. But if not, no matter how happy you are currently, it's a safe bet that you could be happier and more productive. Think of this: your ancestors needed to "exercise" in order to eat -- it's not too different nowadays. You will not be physically or mentally "nourished" if you don't exercise rigorously and regularly! If your body is weak, and you're storing excess fat, and you have high blood pressure, is it possible to feel like you're on "top of your game?" I don't think so. I've been there. And I was *majorly* depressed :(

     Quiet your mind. When you can introduce silence into your mind, and the "awareness of awareness" you can distance yourself from thoughts that have been holding you back. Over time, you'll learn to replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. When your mind is constantly looking for "what could go right"? You'll be amazed at how simple and easy life can become. It has been my experience that whatever I am strongly expecting seems more likely to come to pass. Humans have the ability to mentally project ourselves into the future. If you're going to fantasize (and everyone does), might as well fantasize about all that could go right and how good this could possibly turn out!

     Harness your ego -- attach your reputation to a declaration. Now that you're in the habit of thinking positive thoughts -- attach your reputation to them! Tell all of your friends, family, and acquaintances that you're about to start a rigorous and regular workout routine. You've come to the conclusion that your nature is movement and without regular exercise your brain may cause you to become depressed. Tell them what you intend to do and when you intend to do it. I will now tell you the ONLY way to truly lose weight: You must have a complete and sustained lifestyle change! That is why we typically start our clients with a 28-Day Transformation challenge -- it's just enough time to "groove" new patterns in the brain and develop successful habits.

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