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Our program is an absolute game changer because our program will burn MORE fat, build LEAN muscle, and keep you SAFE. You're going to be fitter, happier, and more productive than you've ever been.

K6 Fitness is Unique

Our workouts are the most effective you’ll find anywhere. Period. Why do our clients see DOUBLE the results in HALF the time? Because our workouts are that good. Our workout was developed by sports doctors and elite trainers. We move the body in three dimensions -- just like in real life. Guess what? Most of the workouts you've done DO NOT do this!

We use the “joint by joint” approach. (Hint: It’s the biggest secret in all of fitness.) Use it, and you’ll see results with fewer injuries. Ignore it, and be prepared to suffer the consequences. We have exciting bursts of intense exercise, followed by brief rest periods. This has been proven to be the most effective way to burn fat and build muscle.

(Oh yeah, it’s super fun, too!)

We are obsessed with functional movement because they have been proven to heal your body by restoring your natural posture. These changes will keep you injury free, make you feel great about yourself, and will improve the way others perceive you.



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